Sir Victor Uwaifo
I've heard of a #ThrowbackThursday and a #FollowFriday... But a #ThrowbackFriday?? Well, loyal fans, maybe you think it's insane... And maybe it actually is! But we here at the Rock Show on BTRtoday make it our mission to shake things up every once in while, to do something unheard-of, to freak out the squares. So please, join me on this #ThrowbackFriday adventure, unless you're an utter f***ing square! Ha ha!  
Here we go, taking a good look into the Overnight Sensation grab bag! There's a LOT of stuff in there... Let us check out what we get!
Yippee! New music AND old music today, and it's just in time for spring! We've got songs from Halo Benders, Bruising, Fred Thomas, Sir Victor Uwaifo, and more!
Just the hits on this week's Overnight Sensation! Only hits for me please, I'm on a diet! Thanks.
As an extra-special start to all my year-end festivities, I present to you, my loyal Overnight Sensation listener: My best set of the year, 2012! Enjoy!!
What's up, losers. You guys don't know anything about music. Allow me to educate you, fools. You're Welcome. Sponsored by Urban Outfitters.