Shuta Hasunuma
Sugoi means cool in Japanese. I think people should start saying it more and start saying kawaii less. Not everything is cute. Some things are just cool I’ll tell you what else is cool. The bands we have for you. That’s what.
So Hanabi nailed an interview by proxy. Interviewing an introvert with severe social anxiety is probably one of the best ways I can think of to fill up an hours worth of content. Hey, at least you don’t have much to edit though! Ok, so Hanabi couldn’t actually get Enrique to talk to us, but he did give us his recipe for a bad ass chicken marinade which requires Tecate, and only Tecate. Way to go Hanabi!
On this edition, we discuss other people who discuss food. On the internet. Much like any other happening scene, we foodies have to be all up on the internet. Otherwise, you could be in serious jeopardy of being super late to the party. Imagine if someone you know all of sudden starts talking about the Ally McBeal dancing baby, as if it was still a thing. You would hella eye-roll them to death. Well, the eating scene is no different. So one must keep up with the times and we thought we would highlight some of our secrets. For example, is probably one of the best ways to stay current on the local restaurant scene. It will tell you what’s new, and hip and where to be seen. Yelp kind of pisses us off. Seriously, some people will just never be satisfied with anything. But, we still like to see things from a customer’s perspective as well as crappy photos. Sometimes food should be funny, and for the funniest we go straight to the Vegan Black Metal Chef. He’s funny!
Yeah, we talked about Ramen in this one. Total departure from usual Japan talk, but hey, it’s still actually Japan talk so we’re not sweating it. We also talked about how much I enjoy Hitachino Nest beer. No, they aren’t paying us for this ringing endorsement, but I love it anyway!
Oh, we’ve done it now. We’ve taken the ultra-fatty plunge and started talking about cheesecake! Damn son! Dj Hanabi also gives you the gift of his favorite cheesecake recipe. What more can you ask for? Seriously what more, you ingrates!