Good hits from 2k14 so far... it's almost over, but not quite!
Hot times this week! It's another rocker! Featuring hit records from the likes of: Dicktations, Company Calls, Heavens to Betsy, Darlingchemicalia, and more more more!!
How do you like your Overnight Sensation? If you answered, "Hot as all Hell," then BOY OH BOY, you're in luck!! This is one of the show's HOTTEST sets ever! Be careful, don't get too close. Lest you get burnt!
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The show is really getting back on track, now that we're quite settled into the new year. This is a TRUE Overnight Sensation, with the first set consisting of HIGH ENERGY indiepop/rock n roll, and the secong set composed of wild a weird bedroom music. You're gonna LOVE it. I swear to God!