This Tuesday edition of Via Berlin provides you with tracks by Joe Goddard, Robot Koch, Fiora, Rancido, T.M.A. and Who Made Who. Lusine, Shobaleader One, Phonique, Stee Downes, as well as music by Agents Of Time and Henrik Schwarz.
A little bit of a BANGER this week!!! We got awesome new tracks from Dino Felipe, Urple Eeple, Monster X, and always the biggest and bestest. So let's do this! Glitch//IDM Show is on.
Yo, yo! This week's show is pretty decent. It starts off kind of chill, but then brings you into a bassy and bouncy world of good vibes! So what's up;???? Glitch/DM -ed-
I’m feelin’ the show this week. While I sit here and look out on the wet streets and drizzling rain I can’t help remember the long days and nights I had while living down in Miami, the original home of glitch and IDM… So the show this week will bring out those feelings and hopefully I can take you down, to the bottom.