She Keeps Bees
In part one of our two part episode featuring Brooklyn label Ba Da Bing Records, we sit down with founder Ben Goldberg for an enlightening - and entertaining - in-depth chat about the label's first quarter-century! After the interview, we'll check out some recent releases from the label. Next week, part two will take a deeper dive into the label's output.
After moving to NYC in 1998 and beginning to seriously play music there in 2001, J is leaving the city in the fall, so this is the last episode of the podcast. It’s packed with around 6 hours of…
We’ve got a lot of music in this episode… We’ll hear tunes by She Keeps Bees and New Myths, who are playing a benefit show for Planned Parenthood, as well as a song by Dumb Wolves, who are playing Thursdays For The Cause, in support of Our Revolution, at Our Wicked Lady. After that, it’s another group of songs from the King Pizza Records universe, with tracks by The Rizzos and a new one by The Mad Doctors. Then we have great stuff from Allah-Las, Sneaks, Office Culture, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Fred Thomas, Mount Sharp, and Pavo Pavo.
We’re getting this August Saturday off to a rollicking start with Irishman So Cow’s new track Barry Richardson. Barry Richardson is, by the way, a football player! A big one - for the NFL! We’ve also got a track from recent live-studio performer Sally Setlmann and a new one form The Rosebuds! For more great bands and photos from BTR, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram!
Are you excited for BTR's CMJ showcase? We here at the Saturday show definitely are! That's why we're kicking off today's show with a track from one of our all-time faves, Eternal Summers! And make sure to stay tuned to get all of the details. Plus, new tracks from great bands like The Blow, Grizzly Bear, and The Fresh & Onlys.
It's Optimism Week here on BTR, and just in time, because spring has sprung! That means not only great weather, but a whole bunch of great music for us to listen to! We've got new tracks from Mudhoney, Charles Bradley, and Telekinesis, plus a whole lot more! Don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter.