Now I'm downtown, now I'm Brooklyn / Does anyone know the difference?
I frequently go to Brooklyn; in fact, I live there! Don't know if I have ever been to Downtown though? Not sure where it is...
BTR is all new today with DJRePete. Tune in for info on a trio of festivals featuring BTR talent, ranging from an airport runway in the Hamptons to a summer festival in Japan.  Also check out a remix set with the likes of Passion Pit. Plus, tracks from Handsome Furs, Cold War Kids, and Florence and the Machine. And, if you dig werewolves, we’ve got that too. Check out your Wednesday mix with DJRePete on BTR!
Yep, lucky boy that I am, I'm still on my holidays in the S of the UA, but it's all coming to an abrupt end, all too soon. For this, my final Planet Beet from NYC, I've employed the talents of voice-under artiste ordinaire, Emily Youssef. You may have heard her on The Funk & Soul Hour a few months ago. Realistically though, you probably didn't.. Listen on, and Thor Out to some great music for the next hour of your stupid life. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!
Where in the world is - ooh - "Downtown and Brooklyn"?
Keep on Rockin' around the Christmas Clock in the Free World
John Maus. Gang Gang Dance. Shark? Ghostpoet. Fucked Up. Johan Agebjorn. So much music!