Shannon Hope
Well, it's extremely cold here in Norwich in the U of the K. Snow and ice have brought the city to a complete standstill. But we have some music to warm the cockles of your hearts, if not your hands too. It's the dream team, back together again, and the chemistry is flowing, as you hoped. Whadaya say? Let's Radio!
This week, it's our 200th show!!! We celebrate and try to get into the swing of things in the only way we know how, which means that the whole thing's gonna end up being a bit of a letdown for everyone involved.. All I can promise is that there's gonna be some surprises, something old, something new, and I didn't have time to borrow anything. And weirdly, there's no blue material for a change. Come on, whadd'ya say?... Let's radio!
A great line up of bands in store in this week's show. A new calssic album from 'The Fourers' AND a new Album of the Month too AND loads of music from New York based rock n roll groups. What for could you ask more?
Loads of great music for you on this week's UK College Music Show, as always. It's a bit of a Barefeet Records special today as we'll playing at least 4 tracks from Barefeet artists. If you go to music college in the UK and would like to be featured on this show then email us some music to (that's LAIN, not IAIN... don't ask...)
Back for the new year to bring you a whole bunch more great music, mostly new but some 'classic'. Mr Jason is away this week but Iain is on the mic so what d'ya say... Let's Radio!
This week's show, No.198 is presented by Iain, who we haven't heard for a long time now! He#s back now though, alone for a couple of weeks until Mr Jason's return from his holidays. Come on... Let's Radio!