Shana Falana
Click and enjoy some Tuesday tunes here on BTR! 90 minutes of great new tracks and some old favorites as well.
Time for the ladies to take the stage! Enjoy this all-female music mix on BTR today. It comes complete with an artist spotlight on Joanna Newsom.
This is the Thanksgiving Thursday mix for November 26, 2015. Happy day, everyone!
The Thursday mix for September 17 brings you tons of new album releases by The Ghost Ease, Soda Shop, Steven A. Clark, Battles, Diane Coffee, Telekinesis and more! Also, stay tuned for a brand new track by The Sugarman 3, a group on one of my favorite Brooklyn-based soul labels, Daptone Records.
Some talented ladies are taking the stage for this all-female music mix on BTR!
This fine Wednesday begins with DJRePete at the controls, spinning beats by Brika, a softer set with the likes of Laura Marling, and an upbeat set including the debut by FFS—that’s Franz Ferdinand + Sparks. Plus, hit up some in-store shows and festival info on the way from N America and Europe. And Jim O'Rourke throws in some advertising irony for good measure. It’s your Wednesday start on BTR with DJRePete!
Your all-female music mix on BTR!
Enjoy this 90-minute mix-genre set!
Talented ladies are taking the stage today on BTR!
April 9, 2015. The Thursday Mix.
Your 90-minute Tuesday mix. Enjoy!
Some talented females are taking the stage today on BTR!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
This week, I got to speak with talented young photographer, actor and NYU student Sasha Frolova, whose recently made headlines with a unique portrait series featuring her grandmother. Sasha selected specific F/W 2015 beauty looks from the runways of February’s NYFW, and replicated them on her grandmother, creating a surreal, dream-like, compelling series that challenges preconceptions of age and beauty, and raises questions about feminine identity within fashion. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Sasha about her discovery of photography, why she wanted to create this series with her grandmother, the incredible fashion icon and role model her grandmother has been in her life, her latest photography project, and more. Plus, I’ve got a playlist filled with the latest indie releases including brand new Sufjan Stevens and The Cribs, as well as tracks off the debut albums from two talented singer-songwriters, Sarah Bethe Nelson and Shana Falana. So join us and learn in style - fashion class is in session with Sew & Tell on BTR!
Enjoy your Monday mix with DJ Wynn!
Shining the spotlight on some talented female artists.
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
We review the terrifying new film 'It Follows' and talk about some of the endings in film we were least prepared for
This week, The Hash covers dating, sexism, and pick up lines.
Well everyone, guess what? It snowed in New York yesterday. All my springtime dreams were dashed. It felt like we were suddenly back in February with months to go before it’s time to wear sundresses again. But I’m fighting off the winter blues with some great new music on the show today. We’ve got new The Cribs, some live Destruction Unit, and even some Swedish bluegrass-dub with dunkelbunt. And don’t forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and SoundCloud!
People have been saying that I haven't been playing enough ROCK lately? Well, stuff it! This week's show proves that you can rock without rock! Hits from Simon Joyner, Jib Kidder, Ex Hex, Destruction Unit, and more!
This week we speak with an ultra-marathon runner, the youngest person to ever solo row the Atlantic Ocean and Twitter adventurers!