Here we go again!! And it never stops. Jump on board. How that guy from fantasy island use to yell? The plane the plane boss. Lol. Yeah like that. Let's go, cop your ticket let us see some id. Now be ready to have a good time on this trip. You won't be bored on this flight. Music for your pleasure. Bazarro on the mix and it get's no better than that. We stopping all over the place. Just listen and see where we land. BTR style. go!!
Once again it's on!! Get ready, fasten your seat belts for another trip. Sundays have never been the same since our world-hiphop mixes. People from all over the world hit me up, loving the show. So i can't play everything that's sent to me because some artists still need work. But those that are legit. Get your eardrums ready and let's rock...
Tickets please. Yes another worldwide trip on the worldhiphop show brought to you by btr & crazy djbazarro. Frequent Fliers miles let's go. Seatbelt ready, engines ready. We gonna take off early with Omar Linx & Zeds Dead who is right over our heads in Canada. If you hear something dope, say something, LOL. Enjoy the mix and the trip.
All I'm a say is, what a weekend, music, movies & sports. Wow!! out here in NY, so much can go on regardless of the frozen cold weather. It doesn't stop the people from coming out. Kanye performed outside up by 5th ave & 23rd street. So much action, not enough to catch everything. In the moment of the madness, I had to take the time to bring you some world hiphop. Hiphop from around the world. So many artists. You probably didn't know until i played it. So share, tweet, like regardless of your weather situation. BTR doesn't stop neither. Let's go!