It's Exclusive Week on BTR! On today's show, we bring you part two of our retrospective on Occupy Wall Street. Goldi Guerra of Occupy Sandy talks about his organization's depiction in The New York Times. And later, we're honored to have Professor Noam Chomsky on the show talking about Syria, the shutdown, the future of the two party system, and what it all means for America and the world.
It's Propaganda Week at BTR! On today's show, Joep Drummen of the Big Internet Museum joins us to talk about their latest exhibition on local networks. And later, author Les Leopold returns to discuss his latest book, "How to Earn A Million Dollars An Hour: Why Hedge Funds Get Away With Siphoning America's Wealth".
It's Girls Week on BTR! First, feminist blogger and author Amanda Marcotte joins us to talk about the curious role women have played in the gun control debate, starting with Sarah Palin's appearance at this year's NRA convention. And later, more of our chat with Andrew W.K. and Cherie Lily for BTRtv.