Only three more episodes left... Get 'em while they're hot! This week, we take another stroll through the show's past, going back to the years 2011 and 2012. In retrospect, it was a weird time for the show! Go back in the archives and see for yourself! But amongst the weirdness, we managed to play a lot of true hits that are still relevant today. Give us a listen, and see for yourself!      
Guess what? This week's show is a bit of a grab bag! Meaning, I stick my hand in the bag, pull out a song, and whatever comes out, I MUST play it. Fortunately, everything fits together quite nicely, and it's all great, warm, fuzzy bedroom pop, and indie rock... DJ Patrick K, you've done it again! Congrats!
Wow! It's already December! Not quite ready to hit you with my best favorite songs of the year just yet, so for now here is a great show full of some of my favorites songs/bands/etc. from over the years. Enjoy! And tune in next week for ALL my best favorites of 2015!
My dearest fans, and friends... I trust you are in good health. I, unfortunately, am not. I have taken ill. But that doesn't mean I still can't personally deliver you a wonderful episode of my show, Overnight Sensation.It is sooo chock full 'o' hits, you can't even believe it. Hits from the likes of Saralee, Foibles, Merylstreep, Drug Pizza, and man many more!
Call me Indie Pop Pop Pop today, because this is yet another SOLID GOLD set of fun twee tunes with some nice weirdo lo-fi thrown in for good measure! You know you love it, and so do I. It's a cool mix of old tunes from bands you love like Heavenly, Holly Golightly, and Even as We Speak, plus new tunes from bands you will love like Cyberbully Mom Club, Yellow Fang, and Love of Diagrams!
Even my grandpa loves Overnight Sensation on BTR... Heck, even HIS grandpa loves Overnight Sensation on BTR!!