We review the major election-related news of the week–and there’s plenty, of course. Plus music from Sad13.
Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz returns to BTR Live Studio with her pop-oriented solo project, Sad13, on the occasion of the second album, Haunted Painting. Here, Sadie takes us inside her home studio in Philadelphia, and shares an exclusive solo performance of the song “With Baby.” Haunted Painting is available now from Wax Nine. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
Sad13 returns to BTR Live Studio (listen to their 2017 appearance), this time in solo form, from Sadie Dupuis’ home in Philadelphia. Sadie recorded an exclusive performance of the song “With Baby” from the new record, Haunted Painting, and we chat about the new record, Speedy Ortiz, local beaches, the band sElf, and aliens. It’s pretty much the best conversation ever. The music heard in the background of this episode is from Sad13’s album, Haunted Painting, out now from Wax Nine.
It’s almost the end, folks. On today’s show, I’m revisiting moments in the studio with Jo Schornikow, Air Waves, Liz Vice, Worriers, and Miwi La Lupa.
Hello friends, on today’s episode, I reminisce about past sessions with Heliotropes, Orenda Fink, sad13, Shilpa Ray, and Thelma & The Sleaze.
Quit missing that cool underground band you’ve been meaning to catch.