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So this week we thought we should drop some real talk about the language that food producers use to either reel us in or to de-emphasize some of the gross things they're putting in our food.
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I would like to get serious for a moment if I may. Drop the house lights for a minute if I may. I want to talk about the most epic Ramen shop in the whole country. It's a little Japanese import called Men Oh and they are Killing it! Their Tokushima style ramen ever. I'm thinking most peeps outside of Tokushima aren't in the know. Seriously though, the perfectly flavored and textured Tonkatsu broth, the ridiculously toothsome broth and the sliced pork belly pretty much seals the deal. With the addition of the raw egg you're over-achieving, in a good way. Yeah, this show is dedicated to Ramen and the joy it brings me.