Radioactive Man
A funtacularistic show this week! Featuring tracks from Cylob, EOD, Subjex and one from the new Ametsub EP! So let's get it together/// this it the glitch//idm show
Big BIG SHow! Hey everybody, ok so this week the show jumps around a lot. So if you find yourself in a uneasy state-of-being just wait a sec, cause we'll flip it on you, for real/// So let's do this... glitch()idm _|ed|_
Yeah! The show this week is going to be all kinds of sweet. I got some new Squarepusher for ya, plus other new tunes from all your favorite IDMy nerds... Finally, we talk about some hard truths of life and overcoming frustration. So come on in, grab your snuggy and go!
The show this week is all about Newness. The newness of feeling, the newness of sound, the newness of you and I! So let's get happily involved together and be on our way to New, Better, and Forever!