Quinoline Yellow
Another big, bold, beautiful show this week! Featuring tracks from Ceephax, Global Goon, Kosmik Kommando and always more!!! So stay here and stay ready, this is the glitch//idm show!!!
Yeah! I'm really feeling the show this week. Not that I don't always feel it, but this one is pretty dope. All I can say is you need to maybe shut off life for a minute and go somewhere with nice speakers, hit "play" and melt. Glitch/DM////////////// -ed-
First show of 2013! This week on the Glitch/DM show we have broken out a bunch of new tracks and new(ish) artists for you to absorb and make part of your future life. We will also talk about how awesome goals are, and life, and stuff. So get it on! and Glitch for your positive mind... -ed-
Another awesome show this week! Bringing the noise and the love that only the glitchiest of artists can provide, we'll take you down the wormhole of happiness and spit you out into a tranquil paradise of the past. All, right here, right now...