Rockin' and a'rollin', rockin' and a'reelin', BTRbra Ann! It's the Rock Show, and it's exclusively on BTRtoday!
The 6th day of September in the year 2012. Holla.
DJ Wynn shares his NY moment which involved Yeasayer, and he'll get around to spinning new cuts from Heems, Staff Benda Bilili, and Superhumanoids
recorded in: Today,  a 4th of July conversation with Jake from SimuNation (about fire, explosions and getting burned) (hilarious photo borrowed from here) 00:00 Dentro 00:48 Latola wishes you a happy 4th of July 02:02 So You'll Aim Toward The Sky - Grandaddy 06:48 Latola and Jake talk 4th of July, burns and explosions 13:01 Fire Power - These New Puritans 16:35 When It Explodes - Pond 22:00 Latola and Jake talk 4th of July, burns and explosions 29:48 Ice Cream Scene - Secret Cities 34:06 Latola and Jake talk 4th of July, burns and explosions 48:54 Hot Like Fire - The XX 52:24 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Art Tatum 55:27 Latola and Jake talk 4th of July, burns and explosions 67:21 The World (Is Going Up In Flames) - Charles Bradley 70:42 Latola says goodbye 71:12 R.I.P. Burn Face - CocoRosie 75:50 Finish ("Grey Oceans" art) CocoRosie Live: 7/7 at Heimathafen in Berlin, Germany 7/8 at Heimathafen in Berlin, Germany 7/10 at Gloria in Cologne, Germany 7/11 at 013 in Tilburg, Netherlands 7/12 at Le Trianon in Paris, France ("Hidden" art) These New Puritans Live: no shows planned ("xx" art) The XX Live: 7/7 at Heineken Open'er in Gydnia, Poland 7/14 at Ilosaarirock Festival in Joensuu, Finland 7/23 at The Fonda Theatre in Loas Angeles, CA 7/25 at Showbox in Seattle, WA ("Beard Wives Denim" art) Pond Live: no shows planned ("Lucifer" art) Peaking Lights Live: Jul 27 at Sometimes A Great Notion Festival in Portland, OR Jul 28 at Sometimes A Great Notion Festival in Portland, OR Jul 29 at Sometimes A Great Notion Festival in Portland, OR Aug 17 at Beacons Festival in North Yorkshire, UK
Music rules. You must agree. Enjoy.
Last Thursday in April. 2012. Music.
Dinosaur BBQ, raps about hamsters, and new tunes from Vacationer, Ava Luna, and Spoek Mathambo
3/22/2012. New Music. New Season. New Feelings. New New.
March 22! Spring has Sprung! Yeehaw!
Oberhofer. Julia Holter. White Birds. Black Gum. Kay Leotard. CFCF. Grimes. Dirty Ghosts. Women. Dot. Shabazz Palaces. Prefuse 73. Radiation City. And more....
Oberhofer. Black Gum. Terry Malts. Ava Luna. Holy Other. Grimes. Micachu. Com Truise. Pond. Suuns. Man Dibango. Pinback. And more...
March 15! Cheers from SXSW in Austin, Texas.
We've got a bunch of Brooklyn's best kept secrets on the show today.  Check out tracks from Xray Eyeballs and Colleen Green.  Also, make sure to stay tuned for more details about BTR Today- some exciting new changes happening to the website!  And follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all of the latest BTR updates. 
Black Gum. Oberhofer. Kay Leotard. Heems. Open Mike Eagle. White Birds. Raymond Scott. Western Walk. Violens. Pond. Richard Swift. Dirty Beaches. Dirty Ghosts. Dirty pool, old man...
March 8! 00:00 Lottie on BTR 00:36 We Are All Teenagers-Tim Fite 04:00 Went to the City-Crooked Fingers 07:16 Pirates-Mr. Gnome 10:07 I Am With You-Ty Segall 14:43 Mall Dreams-Terry Malts 17:24 X-Xray Eyeballs 21:36 Lottie on BTR 22:44 Satisfied-Tom Waits 26:46 Got To Have Rock And Roll-Heartless Bastards 30:39 Rusty Old Clock-Limes 33:49 A Night And A Day-Pepe Deluxe 37:52 Zombie Boogie-Richard Swift 40:43 Elegant Design-Pond 44:47 Naked Cities-Buke And Gass 47:54 Lottie on BTR 49:17 What Have You Done-Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens 52:53 Let Them Talk-Spoek Mathambo 57:50 Apologetic Shoulder Blades-Baths 60:18 Blaksuit-Gonjasufi 62:24 Jam Karet-Young Magic 65:44 You-Gold Panda 69:17 Lottie on BTR 69:58 Break My Heart-La Sera 72:04 Oh What A Feeling-The Organ 74:44  King Bubbles In Sand-King Creosote 76:28  It's A Kiss-Jamie Lidell 80:09 Clattering Hooves-Jenny Wilson 84:48 Never Go Solo-Islands 89:29 Lottie on BTR 90:51 Flesh Of My Flesh -Orange Juice 94:01 Finish Terry Malts photo: Terry Malts Mar 9, 2012 Rickshaw Shop-San Francisco,CA Mar 17, 2012 1234 Go-Oakland,CA Young Magic photo: Leif Podhajsky Mar 13, 2012 SXSW-Austin,TX X-Ray Eyeballs photo: Veronica Ibarra Mar 8, 2012 35 Denton Festival-Denton,TX Mar 11, 2012 Andy's Basement Bar and Grill-Denton,TX
Designer clothes you can throw in the machine. Sound absurd? Not at all! This week's Sew & Tell guest is a savvy young designer who recently struck out on her own to prove that dreams really can come true. Tamar Daniel is an Israeli-born, London-bred entrepreneur, designer, mother, friend, and style icon. Armed with impeccable taste and a background working for Top Shop and Anthropologie, Tamar set out this year to launch TMRDNL, her eponymous line of fashionable, well-tailored classics with a leg up on the competition: these gorgeous garments are DIY-laundry-friendly. Not only that, but they're built for movement, and ready to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of today's woman, all while ensuring elegance. How is this possible? Stay tuned to find out, as Tamar discusses childhood inspirations, fabrics, multi-cultural style infusions, and more! Plus, some great throw-back classic rock sounds on the show today, with tracks from Crocodiles, Pond, Little Barrie and more. So ditch your dry-clean-only blouse and come learn how to be a practicalista!
"Rock Show? Rock my dick, yo."