Hello Friends!!! This week's show features new tracks from Slugabed, Valance Drakes & Qebo, Floating Points and always a ton more! So let's get it in, glitch//idm.
Hey YOOOOO! I'm feeling really damn awesome this week/// It's the end of the year and time to reflect on how badass life has been. So I've put together an upbeat show that should propel you into the new begins of 2016! Ok, here we go... )this is giltch/idm( -:ed:-
Yes! I'm feeling like this is a pretty great show this week... We're gonna talk about all sorts of altruisms and fulfillment.
I'm feeling really good about the show this week... We got some upbeat tunes, a little mental floss, and a ton of squelchy bass; all the stuff you love, and me! So come along for this mini-journey into the mind, on[] The Glitch/IDM SHOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! **ed*&
This week! Alright, so on this one we're gonna take a nice warm digital bath, of love... All tracks are pretty deep, pleasant and should help bring you back from the cold, so turn it up, and take the IDM plunge/// ]ed[
Welcome back! So this week on the show we are feeling a little strange. So we got a different kind of mood going on this one. I think you'll dig it, but if you have to get up to get a breath of fresh air, I understand. OK, let's do it! Glitch/DM -ed-