Planet Of The Fakes
It's December and the holiday season is in full effect! Sinista returns with the annual “Best Of” show, where he takes you through the best the UK has had to offer in 2015. Dope tracks from the likes of Mic Righteous, Chrome & Illinspired, Akala, Triple Darknes and many,many more. So Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy the show.
Its July, and the summer is in British style flow, with heat waves followed by monsoon type showers, followed by the odd thunderstorm! The UK Hip Hop Show is also in full flow and its a little bit easier to predict. As Sinista & Stark Note turn up on the 3rd Friday of every month with a phat sack of UK Hip Hop for your ear drums pleasure. This month there is music from the likes Of Stig of the Dump, Planet Of The Fakes, Kingpin (Who’s dope album “Art Of Survival” is Album Of The Month) & many more! Taskforce are getting a spin in Classic Corner as we showcase their timeless “Music From The Corner Vol. 2”. So chill out, turn it up and we hope you enjoy.
MAY! The year is in full swing now and to quell any post election blues you may have Sinista & Stark Note return to the air waves with a Classic UK Hip Hop show. By "classic" we mean that we will be playing music from years gone past though out the whole show. We got classic bangers from the likes of Klashnekoff, 57th Dynasty, Blade and many, many more. So crank it up to 11 and enjoy of dope sounds from years gone by!
So we arrive at July, with half of the year done and dusted. It's been a big year for UK Hip Hop and the next 6 months are gonna be just as phat, if not better. This month we got music from the likes of Reds, Ray Vendetta, Qred's "Between Now and Never" is our Album Of The Month and Vicious Circle Are In Classic Corner. So enjoy what is left of the non existent summer rays and chill out to some UK Hip Hop while you're at it.
Hello and welcome to the UK Hip Hop Show. The end of the year is upon us and that can only mean 2 things, Christmas is here and the annual best of the year UK Hip Hop Show has arrived. Sinista and Stark Note round up the year by not actually talking much about what has happened. But they do play music from their favourite UK Hip Hop albums of the year to end what has been a big 12 months for the UK Hip Hop scene. So enjoy some dopeness as we prepare for the UK Hip Hop shows 4th birthday in January! On behalf of The UK Hip Hop Show and everyone at Break Thru Radio, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hello and welcome to the UK Hip Hop Show. The Dynamic Duo have returned after the coup at The Tower. Stark Note made it to the Secret Rendezvous point and we have now found a new permanent location, The Cabin. Although the location has changed The lads still bring that classic UK Flava to punch your ear drums off! With music from the likes of LifeMC, Planet Of The Fakes, Farma G and many more. So sit back relax and enjoy some sweet UK sounds before the cabin fever sets in.