This is the last Thursday mix of 2012. See ya later! Thanks for having me. Here is to 2013. May there be much positive energy that surrounds us in the coming year. 00:00 Lottie on BTR 00:30 Leave Me Out-METZ 04:02 I'm Neurotic-Terry Malts 07:12 Stranger-King Tuff 10:06 Feelings Are Meant To Be Hurt-OFF 11:12 Die Alone (Promise Me)-Lost Sounds 14:52 Heathen Child-Grinderman 19:49 B.C. Is On Fire-The Pack A.D. 23:25 Lottie on BTR 24:46 Amen-Blonds 29:05 Someday Somewhere-Jeremy Jay 30:45 Pretty Please Me-Nobunny 32:17 Hopscotch-CocoRosie 35:23 A Night And A Day-Pepe Deluxe 39:26 Feedin' Birds-Gonjasufi 41:22 Graveyard's Full-Growlers 43:27 Lottie on BTR 43:46 Hawk-Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan 46:11 Medulla Oblongata    -Buke And Gass 48:28 Oh My God-Grace Woodroofe 52:05 Some of My Friends-Raymond Byron & the White Freighter 54:03 Born With Stripes-The Donkeys 55:41 You're Too Weird-Fruit Bats 59:17 Lottie on BTR 59:54 Whitman-Richard Swift 62:33 Clattering Hooves-Jenny Wilson 67:11 Untitled 101-Peter Wolf Crier 69:22 Over the Ocean-Here We Go Magic 73:48 Leonard-Sharon Van Etten 77:34 Daydreaming-Dark Dark Dark 82:16 Someone New-Royal Baths 87:24 Lottie on BTR 88: 21 1 + 1 = ?-The Godz 90:56 Finish Grace Woodroofe Jan 02, 2012 The Moon-Perth,Australia Jan 05, 2012 The Bird-Perth, Australia Jan 09, 2012 The Moon-Perth, Australia Here We Go Magic photo: Here We Go Magic Jan 17, 2012 Le Poisson Rouge-New York,NY Sharon Van Etten photo: SVE Mar 14, 2012 McFarlin Auditorium-Dallas,TX Mar 16, 2012  Ryman Auditoirum-Nashville,TN
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00:00 Revolver with DJ Emily 00:48 This Head I Hold - Electric Guest 03:40 Basement Party - The Cool Kids 07:04 Karma Hunters - The Pinker Tones 10:26 A Mountain We Love - Theme Park 13:57 DJ Emily 14:26 Let's Go Home - Best Coast 16:57 Light Bulb (ANR Remix) - Rachel Goodrich 20:48 Night Swim - Frankie Rose 23:15 Will They Bury Us  - Elliott Brood 27:29 Can't Feel My Face - Islands 30:08 DJ Emily 30:15 Twisted Little Blades - Little Barrie 33:52 Le Goudron (Edit) - YACHT 37:24 Hey Na Na (Featuring David Shaw (Of The Revivalists) And Maggie Koerner)- Galactic 40:56 A Night And A Day - Pepe Deluxe 44:52 How Do I Know - Here We Go Magic 49:17 Something New – The Black Ghosts 52:13 Chain Music - Wale 55:31 DJ Emily 56:17 Pretender - Miike Snow 59:50 Finish official album art from Mondo Electric Guest LIVE!!! June 02  -  Club Mercy  -  Santa Barbara, CA June 03  -  Sandy Parts Festival  -  San Diego, CA June 04  -  Constellation Room  -  Santa Ana, CA June 16  -  89.9 KCRW presents Make Music Pasadena  -  Pasadena, CA July 29  -  Splendour In The Grass  -  Byron Bay, Australia July 31  -  Oxford Art Factory  -  Sydney, Australia official album art form The Only Place Best Coast LIVE!!! June 01  -  Granada  -   Dallas, TX June 02  -  FreePress Fest  -  Dallas, TX June 03  -  Chaos in Tejas  -  Austin, TX June 16   -  Garage  -   Glasgow, Scotland June 17  -  HMV Ritz  -  Manchester, UK June 20  -   SBE  -  London, UK official album art form Happy To You Miike Snow LIVE!!! June 02  -  SELECTOR FESTIVAL - KRAKOW, POLAND June 30  -  LES EUROCKEENNES - BELFORT, FRANCE July 06  -  T IN THE PARK - KINROSS-SHIRE, UK Aug 03  -  LOLLAPALOOZA - CHICAGO, IL Aug 18  -  PUKKELPOP - HASSELT, BELGIUM Aug 25  -  READING FESTIVAL - READING, UK Aug 26  -  LEEDS FESTIVAL - LEEDS, UK
May 10.
3/22/2012. New Music. New Season. New Feelings. New New.
March 15! Cheers from SXSW in Austin, Texas.
March 8! 00:00 Lottie on BTR 00:36 We Are All Teenagers-Tim Fite 04:00 Went to the City-Crooked Fingers 07:16 Pirates-Mr. Gnome 10:07 I Am With You-Ty Segall 14:43 Mall Dreams-Terry Malts 17:24 X-Xray Eyeballs 21:36 Lottie on BTR 22:44 Satisfied-Tom Waits 26:46 Got To Have Rock And Roll-Heartless Bastards 30:39 Rusty Old Clock-Limes 33:49 A Night And A Day-Pepe Deluxe 37:52 Zombie Boogie-Richard Swift 40:43 Elegant Design-Pond 44:47 Naked Cities-Buke And Gass 47:54 Lottie on BTR 49:17 What Have You Done-Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens 52:53 Let Them Talk-Spoek Mathambo 57:50 Apologetic Shoulder Blades-Baths 60:18 Blaksuit-Gonjasufi 62:24 Jam Karet-Young Magic 65:44 You-Gold Panda 69:17 Lottie on BTR 69:58 Break My Heart-La Sera 72:04 Oh What A Feeling-The Organ 74:44  King Bubbles In Sand-King Creosote 76:28  It's A Kiss-Jamie Lidell 80:09 Clattering Hooves-Jenny Wilson 84:48 Never Go Solo-Islands 89:29 Lottie on BTR 90:51 Flesh Of My Flesh -Orange Juice 94:01 Finish Terry Malts photo: Terry Malts Mar 9, 2012 Rickshaw Shop-San Francisco,CA Mar 17, 2012 1234 Go-Oakland,CA Young Magic photo: Leif Podhajsky Mar 13, 2012 SXSW-Austin,TX X-Ray Eyeballs photo: Veronica Ibarra Mar 8, 2012 35 Denton Festival-Denton,TX Mar 11, 2012 Andy's Basement Bar and Grill-Denton,TX
March 1. The First of March. 1/1/12. Sounds good to me.
"Oooh Rock, I love you Show / Never ever ever gonna let U go / Once I get my hands on U... Oooh Rock, I love you Show / Never ever ever gonna let U go / I hope U feel the same way too" - Rose Royce on The Rock Show on BTR.
February 23, 2012. Thursday.
Tuesday with DJ Emily features music from Cursive, Islands, Elliott Brood and more!
Wow. There are an overwhelming number of great new tracks on the show today! I'm so excited for the new Frankie Rose album AND new Bowerbirds AND new Islands ANNND new Dustin Wong.  It really doesn't get much better than that - oh yeah, it's Saturday!
This week was all about fashion and love - what better combination? So I bring you a new designer this week, that you're sure to fall head over heels for! Leah Reena Goren is a driven young designer who is currently finishing her degree in illustration. While wrapping up her senior thesis, Leah is also doing painted textile prints which she sells through her well-curated Etsy shop. She's also creating an Apartment Therapy-style blog called The Future Present that she and boyfriend Dylan write, as well as some exciting new client work that's so hush-hush, we won't be able to find out her secrets until later this year! Phew! This girl is BUSY, but take a look at her prints and you'll see why! They're whimsical, flirty, and feminine… perfect for romance any time of the year. On today's show, Leah will talk about growing up with an artist mom, her creative process and inspirations, and a few recent spring wardrobe purchases that she's super excited about! Plus, updates on NYFW, and a playlist crammed full of great new music from Frankie Rose, Islands, Damien Jurado, Bowerbirds and more. There's just too many treats on today's show! Wait a minute… never mind. There's no such thing. Enjoy!