Electronica via Popcorn Poppers, Scotty Boy, Lika Morgan, MØ, Styline! Take your sweat session to the next level w/ ‘Bring It Down’ by Dyro!
Electronica via Bassjackers, W&W, Warrior! Take your sweat session to the next level w/ ‘Black Magic Bad Magic’ by Tactical Groove Orbit!
Electronica via INNA, Antonia, Dast, The Blizzard, Kaippa! Cool down from your extended workout w/ Whethan, Broods, VENIICE, Danyka Nadeau!
DJ Meredith motivates you through an, *XTREME EXTENDED* mix, playing the hardest beats from every corner of the world! These tracks are guaranteed to get you through any type of workout with ease!
DJRePete is spinning an all new program today including an electronica remix of Noah and the Whale, folk from Caithlin De Marrais, and a bloc from the chill beats of Grieves. Plus, tune in for info on a Japan relief album featuring new music from Asobi Seksu. And hit up info on a few festivals going down this weekend in the UK. It’s all today, on BTR with DJRePete!