Panda Bear
Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a very happy holiday, and are enjoying the days between Christmas and New Year’s! Today on the show we have part two of a two-part 2014 new music retrospective. I’m playing all of my favorite new songs that came out this year. I hope everyone has a great last few days of 2014 and a great start to 2015!! We’ll back next Saturday in the new year!
The Tuesday Mix on BTR with DJ Emily!
The best of the best on BTR!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
Maximo Park. Panda Bear. Gravenhurst. Calibro 35. Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Crystal Stilts. Born Ruffians. The Field. And more...
90-minutes of music for you this Tuesday on BTR!
The best of the best on BTR!
With Thanksgiving in the rearview, we of course want to break it all down for you. Hanabi did his first orphan’s Thanksgiving in Seattle and was forced to live by his wits. We think he did it right in serving up some oxtail stew, scallions and brussels sprouts. Other Hanabi gives his favorite turkey day wine pairing (hint: it’s Beaujolais). He also tells you the right way to make mashed potatoes (hint: you’re doing it wrong). Finally, Insane Dane provides you with a kickass, not-quite kosher stuffing recipe at Dish + Drink!
The Thursday Mix. Nov 27, 2014.
The Thursday Mix. 11/20/2014.
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It’s a banner day here on God Bless Weirdmerica. New Panda Bear. New Deerhoof. New Mark McGuire. AND brand new up and coming artists as well, like Elisa Amborgio. It’s definitely a good one today, and you’ll want to stay tuned for the whole weird hour. Plus, don’t forget to check out BTR on all our social media sites, especially tumblr, where we have a ton of cool new content for you to check out all day long!
Sundays with DJ Drew on BTR
This week, The Hash covers superheroine films, Gamergate, and prenups.
We have a lot of heavy hitters on the show today!!  Brand new tracks from Panda Bear, Deerhoof, or Mark McGuire on their own would be enough to rejoice about, but all three together?  Well in that case, you KNOW we’re having a lot of fun on the show today.  But we haven’t forgotten about up-and-comers either.  Check out a brand new track from very cool artist Elisa Ambrogio!  And of course, don’t forget to follow BTR on tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.
Some rock music, some non-rock music, but whaddya expect?? It's The Rock Show on BTR!
It's Cyber Week on BTR! On today's show, Charlie Smith of Great Fire talks about the work of his organization in exposing online censorship by Chinese authorities and complicit corporate media interests. And later, Cora Currier of The Intercept explains how governments are bypassing encryption techniques, largely viewed by technologists as the last line of defense for your online privacy.
The Thursday Mix. November 6, 2014.
Photographer Laura Plageman is know for a body of work called the Response Series. The project is a collection of unusual landscape images that Laura makes by physically folding, tearing and crumpling her prints and then re-photographing the results with a large format camera. In the final photograph the creases, tears and folds warp the image to create completely new landscapes. Rachel has expanded her project to include seascapes, and an exhibition of these images opens this week at De Soto Gallery in Venice California.
Today on God Bless Weirdmerica we start the show off with an incredibly beautiful song by Julian Lynch, and we keep that calm going throughout. We also explore some of the genre’s very best “Bears” with both Grizzly Bear and Panda Bear packing a 1-2 punch at the end of the show. Hey- it’s summer. We get to celebrate. And as always, don’t forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter!
It's time to celebrate because it's the first World Cup Saturday!! Today we have the perfect playlist for your first Saturday of soccer, and we're starting off the show with the internationally appropriate La Chiva Gantiva, who have a brand new album out! Plus, new tracks from the comeback band of the year (maybe?) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. All of that, plus don't forget to check out BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud!
Jesse Futerman. Julia Brown. Wye Oak. Zomby. Royal Trux. Chilly Gonzales. Four Tet. Mac DeMarco. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib. And more...
Today on God Bless Weirdmerica we're going dark and we're going psychedelic! So get ready for everything from the likes of O'Death to Of Montreal. And while you're at it, don't forget to check out BTR Found Sound on SoudnCloud, plus all of the other great programming we have for you on BTR today!!
It's a new show with a ton of great new music! AND, it's Saturday. That's two great reasons to celebrate! Oh, wait, we do this every Saturday? Well then that's pretty amazing! Check out our Discovery Artist this week, The Sound of Sight, plus awesome tracks from everyone from jazz artists The Nels Cline Singers and hip-hop newcomer Lizzo. And make sure to follow us on Facebook, tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Knxwledge. Jerry Paper. Kool A.D. Lower Dens. Ava Luna. Klauss. Panda Bear. Question. Flying Lotus. And more...