Julian Lynch. Bill Callahan. Lumerians. Zammuto. Dirty Beaches. Leyland Kirby. Owen Pallett. Gang Colors. Panda Bear. More…
New music from Real Estate, Onra, Soley Stefansdottir, and Sea Lions
A conversation between Latola, Thompson and Patrick, at the BTR office, regarding inspiration. Plus, Latola talks about new music that’s been inspiring him.
Where do you want to go today? I really hope it’s Downtown and Brooklyn!
Joining me on the show this week Nicholas de Monchaux. He is the author of a fascinating book called Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo. The book chronicles how the Playtex company — known for making bras and girdles — beat out traditional military contractors for the job of designing the spacesuit that Neil Armstrong would eventually wear on the surface of the moon. Nicholas sets this story in the larger context of technology’s relationship to the human body touching on everything from androids and Christian Dior to sci-fi and city planning.
New music from Moonface, Eleanor Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces), and Erik Gundel (Motel Motel)
It’d Down Town! It’s Brooklyn! It’s Down Town & Brooklyn!!
This week on the show my guest is painter Natalie Westbrook. Her dense canvases of thickly textured paint depict chaotic scenes of tropical flora and fauna, in which life is constantly mutating, reproducing and consuming itself.
Where is the Rock? Did you try looking under that rock??!