00:00 Mic Break 00:51 Go Out and Get It - Black Lips 02:41 I Hate You - CREEM 05:12 Sludge River Mouth - Sleepies 07:53 Drama Mine - Sebadoh 10:33 Dial 666 - Night Beats 12:12 Build. Destroy. Rebuild. - Hanni El Khatib 15:08 Tally - Gold-Bears 17:16 Flying Into the Sun - Crystal Stilts 20:44 Blue Star - Seapony 23:06 Mic Break 24:28 Advice and Vices - Chelsea Wolfe 27:17 Summer Moon - The Raveonettes 30:16 Jukebox Dad - Alan Watts 32:56 Thousand Square - Mountains 38:08 National Parks - Ear Pwr 40:55 Pre-Human - Oneida 50:05 Poet (Take 1) - Paleo 52:31 The Park - Secret Cities 55:48 Mic Break 58:03 After Hours - City Center 61:48 Finish Sleepies Oct 15 2011 - Dead Herring - Brooklyn, NY Seapony Oct 07 2011 - Cairo - Seattle, WA Oct 21 2011 - The Moore - Seattle, WA City Center
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An opening set regarding SPIDERS begins today's show - plus new snaps from Bon Iver, Chad VanGaalen, Battles and more!
New music from Battles, Son Lux, and Okkervil River
It's Analogue v. Digital Week here on BTR, and I have such a cool show for you today! I'm joined by rising star designer Jeff Garner, who launched his sustainable clothing line Prophetik in 2003. Taking style cues from the small historic Southern town in which he grew up, Garner aims to bring Civil War - era romance and durability back into today's fashion. Working with natural fibers and plant-based dyes, he creates high-end garments that are timelessly elegant and aesthetically edgy. On today's Sew & Tell, Jeff will talk about the concerns that led him to create Prophetik, the place of sustainable production within today's fashion marketplace, and a few unique projects he's done including elephant-painted fabric and a documentary on his life and work. Plus, we've got a great playlist including new music from Tennessee's own Kingston Trio, along with Paleo, Silver Swans, and more. Your style fix starts now on BreakThru Radio...
Where's the rock? / It's not enough / It makes the world go 'round and 'round and... / Where's the rock? / Give it up / It makes the world go 'round and 'round and 'round! WHoo!