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We tangent all over the place this week, but somehow along the way we also listen to great new music from Palehound, Peter Perrett, Stef Chura, Divino Niño, Air Review, and SadGirl. We also talk a…
Another round of new ones for people who wanna be cool and know about the rockin' jams being released by awesome indie artists.
Exploding In Sound is a Brooklyn-based music blog and label, specializing in the often-guitar-heavy, 90s-leaning rock sound that we love so much at Serious Business On BTR. They cut no corners whatsoever on their promise of "delivering good rock music since 2008." We've had a number of EIS-connected bands in for sessions in the past, so we thought we'd make our love real and invited them to do a little takeover for a few weeks! Palehound, the third and final in our EISxSBonBTR series, is a band from Yonkers, New York. Yes, Yonkers, not Brooklyn. Got it? Originally the solo project of Ellen Kempner (vocals and guitar), the current quartet came together in the Fall of 2013 and proceeded to launch into a whirlwind of nonstop touring and recording. There's a distinct 90s alternative rock sound here (somewhere along the Helium-Pavement spectrum) akin to the like-minded Krill and Speedy Ortiz, but don't get hung up on that. This group of beyond-the-boroughs New Yorkers are super charming and making great music for today that you should check out.
Here are some albums we're REALLY looking forward to this spring & you should be too.
Kick off your spring by with this playlist from female musicians who've been featured on The Music Meetup.
A playlist of songs perfect to kick off your spring by female musicians who've been featured on The Music Meetup.
Singles and singles and singles and singles (and album tracks) are what we've got - you must be used to this now, right? We're checking out new and recent releases, packed with great stuff from Palehound, Son Little, The Weather Station, Powerlines, Albertine Sarges, Jocelyn Mackenzie, and much more!
Monday, Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday.  It's all blending together now that we are quarantined for weeks.  Easter Sunday is here though, so let's enjoy the holiday and the weekend, even if it doesn't feel like it's either!
The Listening Booth has new electro and R&B from Alice Boman, Mr. Elevator, and Georgia Maq + high-energy alt from Telekinesis