There’s always bound to be a little bit of a holiday come down after all that Thanksgiving food, especially when we start to realize that Christmas and Hanukkah are so close at hand. Regardless, we have to press on with our eating adventures. Hanabi went out and tried Porkchop & Co. in the Ballard district in Seattle. He didn’t have the Porkchop, if you can believe that. He had some awesome grits though. I was in Carmel over the weekend, and I headed towards one of my all-time film favorites, Clint Eastwood’s former restaurant called The Hog’s Breath Inn to see if any of those old 1980’s vibes still remained. Also, I give you a simple, no-nonsense way to use up any Thanksgiving leftovers that you should really get rid of, and which will work for post Christmas leftovers brilliantly. A dense but fun episode for all.
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With it being “Drugs” week here at BTR, we thought we had some things to add to the discussion. As we know the abundance, and sometimes overabundance of certain kinds of food in the U.S. has led to issues with food and how it’s consumed that would be considered unimaginable in many of the countries on Earth that struggle just to put in enough food on the tables of their citizens. We also took a few minutes to chat about our Super Bowl Sunday menus.
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Ok, we all do it. Not one of us is immune to it's siren call. No, I'm not talking about the ones who liked to call weary sailors to their deaths. I'm talking about Trader Joes, the store with $2 bottles of wine of course. We thought it would be a great idea to discuss our personal keys to a successful TJ's run.