Outer Spaces
The Listening Booth marks the Superbowl, the US election kick-off, and Groundhog Day with some music discovery including Corin Tucker Band
Ryan Pollie's new album is a top pick from DJ Emily this week. He's in the mix. Plus, Shannon Shaw, Mister Heavenly and a BTR Top 10 Remix!
We've got three artists with new albums that are making countdown debuts this week. Plus, we've got a brand new number one from our most played album of the week. That one's coming to you courtesy of Reptaliens out of Portland, Oregon!
This week Reptaliens takes the lead with their out-of-this-world music.
Happy June and Happy Sunday!  2 Hours of tunes, 2 double shot blocks and 2 big hugs just cause.  Enjoy while soaking up the sun!
It's another episode of new music, jam-packed with fresh album tracks from The Glow, Outer Spaces, Clinic, Matt Kivel, Ryan Pollie, and The Dream Syndicate, plus a preview of a track from the upcoming…