Organ Monkeys
This week, another unexpected and surreal phonecall from Johnson. Our new Album Of The Month is from Deerhoof, and we feature some tracks from the Album For October project. Plus the usual hi & lo jinks from our intrepid hosts. We's 100% raring to go! Am you?
This week, Iain's back from his holiday in Greece, with entertaining tales of exotic climes, and erotic ladies. The Jayman on the other hand, has no such stories. And sore eyes. Oh well, you can't have everything. Where would you put it!
We're featuring My Visor's 3rd LP as Album Of The Month, and Death III as Classic Album, as well as a sneak preview of the new ACivilian LP, the first track from new band Gospel, and a few more bits and bobs to tickle yer fancy.
It's a new week, and it's another souper soaraway copy of the audio newspaper that is, Planet Beeet! Plenty of new stuff and news stuff to get your attention, and more stuff to KEEP your attention once we've got it. We's 100% raring to go! Am you? Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let's Radio!