With it being “Drugs” week here at BTR, we thought we had some things to add to the discussion. As we know the abundance, and sometimes overabundance of certain kinds of food in the U.S. has led to issues with food and how it’s consumed that would be considered unimaginable in many of the countries on Earth that struggle just to put in enough food on the tables of their citizens. We also took a few minutes to chat about our Super Bowl Sunday menus.
Since we’re headed towards the 4th of July Hanabi and I thought we’d share our plans for the holiday as well as some our nostalgic memories from holidays past. Basically, Hanabi is a communist as he’s not really doing anything this year, at least nothing exciting. Yours truly on the other hand is going fullon Argentine BBQ for this ID4. We’re building a Parrilla in my back yard to fully execute my vision.
Since we had an interview last week and didn't get to chat with our man on the street Dane. So, in perfect DJ Hanabi fashion, Hanabi talks about himself for three segments before letting Dane get a word in edgewise. But, not without good reason as Hanabi was talking about his visit to an SF favorite Benu. That and a small recap of corndogs at Disneyland, which may be the best anywhere. Dane finally killed it with his latest Dish+Drink entry focusing on his recipe for Shakshuka. Damn!
One of my favorite topics, snickerdoodles, was discussed. Nuff said! Seriously though a show about cookies is just awesome. It's all down hill from here peeps.
On this edition, we discuss other people who discuss food. On the internet. Much like any other happening scene, we foodies have to be all up on the internet. Otherwise, you could be in serious jeopardy of being super late to the party. Imagine if someone you know all of sudden starts talking about the Ally McBeal dancing baby, as if it was still a thing. You would hella eye-roll them to death. Well, the eating scene is no different. So one must keep up with the times and we thought we would highlight some of our secrets. For example, is probably one of the best ways to stay current on the local restaurant scene. It will tell you what’s new, and hip and where to be seen. Yelp kind of pisses us off. Seriously, some people will just never be satisfied with anything. But, we still like to see things from a customer’s perspective as well as crappy photos. Sometimes food should be funny, and for the funniest we go straight to the Vegan Black Metal Chef. He’s funny!
This week we thought we would investigate the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, if that's your thing. We discuss places to eat if you want to go that route, such as one of my Favorite non San Francisco places, The Pig’s Ear in Dublin Ireland. We share our thoughts on cooking for Valentine’s Day. We also discover that Hanabi just wants to skip the food and get right to the drinking.