I've been doing this show for almost seven years, and there's only a few episodes left! So I've decided to play some of my favorite tracks from way back... Starting with this week, with songs from 2009-2010, back when Overnight Sensation was still in its infancy! Hear early songs from now-famous groups like TWERPS! TOTAL SLACKER! DIRTY FENCES! And a ton of straight-up classics from bands that I've played over and over like NUNPARTY, SCOTT DEADELUS, and SWIMSUIT! I wish I could play even more, but so much is lost in time, you wouldn't even believe it!      
Welcome, one and all! Guys, I just can't help myself from playing all of my ALL-TIME favorite bands! I'm sorry to all the great new bands I might be playing otherwise, but once you hear this week's set you'll agree-- sometimes you just gotta go with some tried-and-true clazzix. So join me in hearing such hits from bands like LES CALAMITIES, THE BARBARAS, THE LEOPARDS, and so many more!
"This week's show is a monster of springtime pop, featuring many familiar favorites including The Verlaines, Les Calamities, Younger Lovers, Eat Skull, and more, more, MORE!! Watch these bands go from Zero to Hero in a matter of hours, only on Overnight Sensation!"
I was a teenage Overnight Sensation addict...
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