This week we’re diving into a huge, eclectic playlist, from Ganser to Hand Habits and Ghost Funk Orchestra to Buck Meek, we’re revisiting favorites and digging up some gems from the music library for you!
Before we get to a full 2017 music recap, let’s revisit the labels we’ve previously featured that are part of the OMNIAN Music Group: Captured Tracks (episode 40), 2MR (episode 43), Sinderlyn (ep 45),…
This week we’re back at it with the Omnian Music Group record label features. Bryan B’s got a whole hour of music from Sinderlyn for you, the sister label to Captured Tracks and the first new venture from the music collective, featuring new tunes from Cults, The Fresh & Onlys, Walter TV, and more. Later in the show, we check out a whole lot more great new music. You like new music, right? You like good music, right? Then this one’s for you.  
This week, it’s the 2nd of our 2 part “New York Special”, cos I’m on holiday here. So, we’re featuring The Brats as our Classic Band/Album, playing songs from Oceanographer’s new LP, as well as featuring loads of other cool stuff. If you want to know exactly what stuff, I suggest you shut your eyes, open wide, and trust me.. Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!
This week, Jason is drawing to the end of his Holiday in New York. He survived Hurricane Sandy, and is back to play you a bunch of new tracks by UK College based artists. Listen out especially for the two new tracks from Steph and Loraine Hope’s new project, “Girls Least Likely To”. Come on, whadd’ya say?… Let’s radio!