Photographer Edmund Clark's project Guantanamo: If The Light Goes Out looks at spaces and objects to tell the ongoing story of confinement and dehumanization at the infamous American prison camp in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Clark photographed the homes of released detainees in the UK and travelled to Guantanamo Bay where he was granted access to the prison camp and the American base where soldiers and interrogators lived. The project also includes a body of work called Letters to Omar, a collection of correspondence sent to a detainee named Omar Deghayes while he was imprisoned in Guantanamo. The letters -- all of which have been scanned, redacted, cataloged and stamped -- illustrate the extreme levels of control exerted over every aspects of prisoners live. A selection of work from the project is on view now at Flowers Gallery in New York city through January 12th. A monograph of the entire project is available through Dewi Lewis Publishing.
This week, somewhere in Kazakhstan, a satellite called EchoStar XVI will launch into geosynchronous orbit 24,000 miles above the earth. Attached to that satellite is a silicon disk with 100 images etched into it's surface. The images depict snippets of life on Earth, and they may one day explain to their discoverer the fate of the lost civilization that sent them into space.
Flying Lotus. Kent State. Teen. Pears. Levek. Erik Gundel. Caribou. Chilly Gonzales. Beach House. Pinback. No Age. Taken By Trees. Getatchew Mekurya. And more...
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Matt Jones is an artist working in Brooklyn NY. He may not be an particle physicist, but his paintings and drawings are deeply influenced by the big mysteries of the universe --- from string theory to ghosts, spirits and the paranormal
Every year die-hard fans of the horrorcore rap group The Insane Clown Posse, travel to the rural midwest for a four day music festival. These devoted fans call themselves Juggalos, and their annual event is appropriately known as The Gathering of the Juggalos, sort of like the Juggalo Woodstock. Some bring the whole family, some come to drink and take drugs, some come to just hang out and many paint their faces in black and white clown make up, the trademark style of the ICP and other acts on their label Psychopathic Records
Meryl Meisler has been taking photos of the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn for the last 30 years. Today the neighborhood is a hot bed for artists in New York City, but in the early 80s when Meryl starting coming to the neighborhood to teach art, Bushwick was in disarray. The neighborhood was hit hard by the riots and looting that followed the 1977 black out and never really recovered. When Meryl took at job teaching at one of Bushwick's public schools, she was confronted on a daily basis with burned out and abandoned buildings, gangs, drugs, all the things that epitomize urban decay. What stood out among all the destruction were the people who continued to thrive and carve out rich communities for themselves and their families. On her walks between the subway and school, Meryl began taking photos of people going about their lives on the streets of Bushwick and continued the practice until 1994 when she left her teaching job.
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That's Jenny Vogel, she's a new media artist working in video, photography, printmaking, performance and installation. Jenny is interested in the world as seen through communication technology --- web cameras, morse code, fax machines --- and the way we use these technologies to overcome distance, alienation and loneliness. The work exposes the glitches and limitations of these technologies as well as the resulting misrepresentations and miscommunications between the individuals who use them. Jenny is especially interested in the video feeds from web cameras that are placed in city centers and people homes all around the world. They broadcast ghostly pictures of places that seem to be devoid of human activity, and Jenny uses images from these broadcasts to construct her own narratives in her videos and prints. Jenny also has an ongoing interest in Sibera, a place she says, "does not officially exist." Her experimental documentary called in Search of the Silent Land, takes us on a trip along the Trans Siberian Railroad, and explores the myths and mental geography of the vast and remote landmass. Jenny Vogel grew up in Germany, and came to the US to study art and has been living here ever since. She is currently an Assistant Professor of New Media Art at the College of Visual Arts and Design at the University of North Texas, and her work is on view now at the Schneider Museum of Art, at Southern Oregon University. This week I spoke with Jenny over the phone about her interest in web cams, her trip through Siberia, and a new piece involving a chandelier and morse code.
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