Nive & The Deer Children
DJRePete has a smarch music smorgasbord & folk by The Low Anthem, punk w/Dwarves, R&B alt via Pearl Charles, and newcomer Young Statues!
Yeah, it's 3/11, you know like that band.  Well lets celebrate it by playing NONE OF THEIR MUSIC!  That's right! It's 2 hours of awesome tunes, none of it being from 311!  Sorry not sorry.  Let's get to it shall we?
Tracks from Liza Anne, Jackson MacIntosh, Acid Dad!
We’re blazing through new music like it’s candy this week! As always, phone lines are open for your feeback: (408) SUB-INEV.
Music from Nive & The Deer Children, Vundabar, Wing Vilma and more!