Hey Guys! Welcome back. So you may notice some oddities today, and that’s good! So I ask you to just go with it, and later it will go with you wherever you’d like. So come and get swept up in the Glitchy IDMy madness!
Oh yesssshhhheeeerrrrrriiii. The show has some real heavy flow this week. It feels like an ocean mixed with the smell of a thousand daisies… We are going to discuss house guests and what they can do for our existence, and finally some pure awesome love will be thrown your way. So suit up and boot up, this is the Glitch/ IDM show!
NEW NEW NEW!... So the show this week will be all about things we have not experienced until recently (or now in some cases). Like the explosion of smell from opening a new bag of chips, or that first taste of a newly opened glass bottle of RC cola, or discovering a hidden talent. There are so many new experiences that we are going to try and convey on this show that by the end you will feel like you have known them forever. So strap in. and Let’s do it!