Hey y’all. This week’s show will be pretty damn good. I promise. There is some good bassiness that will go down and definitely some weirdo glitchy washy warmth for all the freaks. So open your mind and come on down. We’ll be there to catch you.///
Big Show Today! Thanks for joining us here this week as we jump into some real groovin’ happiness. I promise some foot tapping and some mild grinning throughout the next hour, that’s just on my end… So let’s see what we can get out of you guys on this one/ Ok, well just like always, here we go and here we are again.
Hey Guys! Welcome back. So you may notice some oddities today, and that’s good! So I ask you to just go with it, and later it will go with you wherever you’d like. So come and get swept up in the Glitchy IDMy madness!
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At first I wasn’t really after anything in particular this week but now that I think about it, I picked a lot of “retro” synthy kind of stuff, so there you go! You can feel like it’s the last day of school and it’s 1987. So grease the skids and get going, this is the Glitch/IDM show!//././///