What a badass week this is going to be! Ok, so more recently we have been sticking to a pretty pleasant and more chilled out type of show. But this week I decided to throw you guys into the belly of the four-eyed beast... So get ready for some heavy nerd action, mixed with lots of soul and flavor/// yes! {}Glitch/IDM{}
This one is for you. I know a lot of you are feeling the mid-April crunch today, so I put together a show that should ease you into a relaxed state. Although being totally relaxed for an entire hour is never good for anyone... So there are brief moments of insanity. But overall, a pretty deep, dark, chill show. thanks and he we go! Glitch/DM -ed-
Come along!.../// This week on the Glitch/DM show we are going to get a little dark, a little intense, and really technical. that is that. let's goooogoogoogo. -ed-
Icy Cold show for your icy cold world this week! A couple of weeks ago we did an all analog show, so this week we are going digital. Think crackle, crunch, white noise, and all around weirdness. Channel your inner robot and enjoy./// -ed-