Another awesome show!!! This week we feature new tracks from Tilliander, Taylor Deupree, Prince of Denmark and always more! So let's get it, this is the glitch//idm show~
Another ridiculous, outlandish, and obsurd show; with tracks from Atom tm, Valance Drakes, Jon Hopkins and always more, more, more! So let's get into the glitch right here...
Happy birthday to me! I am celebrating a day early here with myself, cause it's April y'all/// So come on in and join the intensity of 33... glitch.idm/ _]]ed]]]]
What a badass week this is going to be! Ok, so more recently we have been sticking to a pretty pleasant and more chilled out type of show. But this week I decided to throw you guys into the belly of the four-eyed beast... So get ready for some heavy nerd action, mixed with lots of soul and flavor/// yes! {}Glitch/IDM{}
This one is for you. I know a lot of you are feeling the mid-April crunch today, so I put together a show that should ease you into a relaxed state. Although being totally relaxed for an entire hour is never good for anyone... So there are brief moments of insanity. But overall, a pretty deep, dark, chill show. thanks and he we go! Glitch/DM -ed-
Come along!.../// This week on the Glitch/DM show we are going to get a little dark, a little intense, and really technical. that is that. let's goooogoogoogo. -ed-