Sure, it's pretty hot up in heaven, but from what I hear, it's even HOTTER in HELL. It's Overnight Sensation, only on BreakThru Radio!
The show is really getting back on track, now that we're quite settled into the new year. This is a TRUE Overnight Sensation, with the first set consisting of HIGH ENERGY indiepop/rock n roll, and the secong set composed of wild a weird bedroom music. You're gonna LOVE it. I swear to God!
It's the Columbus Day Special, this week, only on Overnight Sensation!! The only show on BTR for a "dude like me!"
Love all these new, up-and-coming artists (our specialty here @breakthruradio)!
Love all these new, up-and-coming artists (our specialty here @breakthruradio)!
DJRePete fires up the Backroom, debuting the rock vibes of The Kills, twang blues from William Elliott Whitmore, and new age blues with Gardens & Villa. Also tune in for a look at talent playing a trio of festivals this month, including the NY State Fair in Syracuse. Catch your hour of the blues today with DJRePete on BTR!