Montgomery Clunk
IDM vibes with an air of Glitchery, this week featuring tunes from Mouse On Mars, Clark, Shlohmo and much more! Get into the groove, and let go of your mind///
Hello to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show this week is on a lighter, brighter, fun(ner) tip!
Yeah! Just a cool show today, we're dropping it low, slow, and sometimes bringing it back up for air. So let's do this. it's the Glitch/IDM show, FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ''~~ed~~''
Just a groovin' hot show this week! No, for real. It takes its time and builds nicely, then quietly and lovingly sets you back down. doesn't that sound nice? --- |||Glitch/IDM|||
Take a deep dive into the abyss of the Summer heat... The show this week is dedicated to that glorious wonder that is the Pool Party. Well, my interpretation of what music at a pool party would be like?! So grab some water balloons, watermelon, and come along!
We are just getting back to it this week.  So for episode 199 of the Glitch/DM show we decided that there are no themes or main ideas to get across but instead we're just gonna play some moody jams that you'll love.  Go grab your Italian Creme Sodas and come cool off. this is glitch time...