Get ready for another awesome show!!! We're featuring new tracks from Kagami Smile, Zonra, Shek O and a ton more! So let's get it together, right now... This is glitch//idm.
Back again with another awesome show! Featuring new tracks from Modeselektor, Maps and Diagrams, Little Snake and a ton more! So make it loud, and get with it. This is glitch//idm.
This. Is. It! Sometimes you just have to let the rain fall as it may...and sometimes it can be beautiful. This week on the glitch/idm show we are bringing another super melodic, super nerdy rainy-day edition. Something you can put on, grab some snacks and just be a turd all day (but a well cultured turd) listening to. Come along, and let's get into it!!! this is the glitch.idm show -ed
Via Berlin November 04 2014
Booty Rockin! This week on the show we are diving into a mix of super party-fun tracks and some deep contemplative, yet happy, stuff. So come along/// it's..................... the Glitch/IDM showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! #ed#
Via Berlin May 9