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Today marks the first of 3 Digests in which DJ Patrick K and Matt your other host talk about and play their favorite songs of the year
Joanna Newsom has a new album coming out soon, so I have been listening to her old records a lot lately! I start off with a track from her, then make a bee-line for 2005 to bring back hits of the first freak folk era, including Dirty Projectors and Akron/Family. From there, we go to more contemporary "freak pop" hits from CE Schneider Topical, Gem Jones, Miserable Chillers, and more!
Hey, welcome to yet another great episode of BTR's Overnight Sensation! It's so great. We've got BRAND NEW hits from favorites such as Monogamy, Miserable Chillers, Honey Radar, and Protomartyr... and so many more! And remember, if you like it, be sure to check out ALL of the old episodes too. They're good, I swear!
Call the Classics Dept, because we've got another one. Seriously, you're not even gonna believe how many hits we've packed in this week's show! Hits from bands like Young Guv (Toronto), Sex Sux (Indonesia), Wet Trident (PDX), Laser Background (Philly), and more! Indiepop, powerpop, junkpop, lofipop, lonerpop, it's all here. Oh my god... I can't believe it.
Wow. What a great episode... I can't even believe it! We start off with some good band-based music from bands like Red Red Kroovy (Melbourne), Static Rituals (Toledo), and Electric Waves (Guelph). And then (and this is where it gets crazy), we move on to some good solo-based music from solo artists like Icebeing (UK), Caffeine Drip (NY/NJ), and Fred Thomas (Ypsi). I seriously... I can't. It's too good.