It's the OVERNIGHT SENSATION BEST OF 2014, Part 2 of 3 music extravangaza! This episode features some of my favorite INDIE ROCK, GUITAR POP, DIY HOMEFUZZ and everything in between!
Today Patrick K and Matt react to songs from Miserable Chillers, Lee, Chris Weisman, Knxwledge, Labryyynth and the Go Betweens
Celestial Shore. Black Milk. Silk Rhodes. Miserable Chillers. Kiasmos. Torn Hawk. G. Green. Coyote. Star Rover. DRTYDRDZ. And more...
Good hits from 2k14 so far... it's almost over, but not quite!
All-new episode featuring all-new tunes from bands like: Clampa, The Girl Fridas, Florist, Total Control, and so many MORE! First half is indie/bedroom pop that is simply delicious. Second half gets a bit more "punk" but I'm not pushing it too hard today. This is meant to be an intensely enjoyable set. Enjoy!!
We take a lovely little stroll down ol' Memory Lane on this week's episode... With hit records from all your favorite classics such as The Pizzas, Meth Teeth, El Jesus de Magico, and many many more!
On today's exciting episode, we discuss songs from The Beverlys, Mirah, Chad VanGaalen, Miserable Chillers, Shabazz Palaces, and Jolie Holland... I hope you're as excited about it as we are!
We're keeping it goddamn chill on this week's 'sode... Super chill, bro. So sit down, relax, take a chill pill and enjoy :)
Wowee, this week's episode RULES! Hit records everywhere you look! We got all-new hits from Miserable Chillers, Obnox, Shrapnel, Protomartyr and SO MANY MORE! It's unbelievable-- that is, until you actually hear it!