Another awesome one this week! Featuring new tracks from Poborsk, Ilkae, Syl Kougaï and way more! So let's do this together; glitch//idm!
Welcome back!!! Ok so this week on the show we dip our toes into some goofy and groovy lands. There will be mountains of synthesizers and piles of beats, all just for you my friends. :) So grab a friend, grab a warm blanket and get with it, bro! this is the glitch/idm show!!! -:ed:-
Snow! This week we're gonna get all cold, yet beautiful. It's snowing like crazy up here in Pennsylvania, and so in honor of that we're doing the perfect nerdy soundtrack for such a day/// So let's get into it. |||Glitch/IDM|||
We are just getting back to it this week.  So for episode 199 of the Glitch/DM show we decided that there are no themes or main ideas to get across but instead we're just gonna play some moody jams that you'll love.  Go grab your Italian Creme Sodas and come cool off. this is glitch time...
Tonight we celebrate! I am riding high right now so I would love if you could join me. I like to think when we win, you win! So let’s feel the tones and the love; right here on the Glitch/IDM show.
Hello y’all. Get ready for a warm, loving, nestling version of the Glitch/IDM show. This week we dive deep into our maternal needs and longings. So if you’re a momma’s boy or a daddy’s little girl, this show’s for you! So love it and let it love you.