Only three more episodes left... Get 'em while they're hot! This week, we take another stroll through the show's past, going back to the years 2011 and 2012. In retrospect, it was a weird time for the show! Go back in the archives and see for yourself! But amongst the weirdness, we managed to play a lot of true hits that are still relevant today. Give us a listen, and see for yourself!      
Start of your week with new music from LA Priest, Calvin Love, and Slow Down Molasses.
This set is a CLASSIC end of the summer set. Starts off with some hot dance tracks, and cools things off with some weirdo experimental rock! You can't beat it, so please don't even try. We're #1.
I play new songs from Kurt Vile, Merchandise, Ben Varian, Jake Tobin, Cristoph El Truento, Boyfriend, White Fence, Joe Meek and more
Today on the show we've got new tunes from Toro Y Moi, Foxygen, and Companion, not to mention Gold Soundz from Pavement. So make sure to stay tuned to these tunes on your Saturday morning. And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.
Criminal Hygiene. Yo La Tengo. Little Children. Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory. Merchandise. Wampire. Teen Mom. CFCF. Doldrums. Toy Love. And more...