Mega Emotion
This week, we start the show with the themetune to Mr Jason’s super-exciting brand-new forthcoming TV challenge show, “Mr Jason’s Location Invasion”, coming soon on CANARY TV!! Also, Album Of The Month from The Hipshakes, and Classic Album from Pavement. We’s 100% raring to go! Am you?
It’s a bonus week, with two new Albums Of The Month, by Nan Turner & The One Night Stands (all one band name), and Jack Rundell. Jack released two LPs on one day, a while back, but I’ve only just discovered them, so we’re gonna feature them until you’re sick of them. The new Classic Album is only three years old, but I view it as a classic, and it sounds like one. It’s Bonnie Montgomery’s “Live @ The Cake Shop”. There’s also a bunch of other good stuffs too!
FUTURE PUNX – I was lucky enough to witness, do live sound for, and record one of the first few gigs by Future Punx. I already knew Jason Kelly (previously from Fergus & Geronimo), and I’d also done sound for a band that Jason & Jake were in for a little while (Frankie Rose), so us three were already amazing showbiz buddies. Excuse the slightly crap sound during the 1st song. Things settle down by the end of the second song. Go and see Future Punx as soon as you can possibly make it, as they’re awesome live, and they’re also lovely people. Hey, Whaddaya Say, Let’s Radio!
This week’s show features the Album Of The Month from The Ritchie White Orchestra, plus two new songs from that Pixies EP, EP2. Hmmm, what else.. Oh yeah! We didn’t have time to play Neil Burrell’s song last week or the week before, so we’ll be playing that this week. Listen out for it folks! Also, live music from The Oh Sees, and some celebratory gossip from our glamorous hosts with the mosts. We’s 100% raring to go! Am you? Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let’s Radio!
Well, today’s show is a real corker. It’s pretty much 100% corks. And the corkees, Messrs Jason and Iain, will be at hand to guide you through the danger-filled waters of music that we like to call Planet Beet. We’re 100% raring to go! Are you? Hey, Whaddaya Say? Let’s Radio!