Mean Spirit'd Robots
It's a veritable SUMMER BUMMER this week-- hitting a lot of dour low notes and contemplative spaces courtesy of greats like THE DEAD C, THE WHINES, and JOHN DAVIS! But of course, there's a few poppy highs in the mix to balance things out a bit. So just give it a chance!
Why try?... You gonna die! This Christmas on Overnight Sensation, we take a break from looking back to 2013, and take a look all the way back to 2013! This is a very old music set, from my days of college radio. And i'm posting it here, as a special Christmas treat for you, my loyal listeners!
Love all these new, up-and-coming artists (our specialty here @breakthruradio)!
00:00 Mic Break 01:36 French Countryside - Psychedelic Horseshit 04:24 Drum Improvisation No. 1 - Baby Dodds 06:53 Station to Station - Pierrot Lunaire 11:39 That Aqua Man - Mean Spirit'd Robots 14:23 I Just Leave - Pink Reason 20:36 Decoder Ring - Lee Noble 26:47 Tezeta - Menelik Wossenatchew 31:23 Mic Break 33:45 Bums on a Rock - The Rebel 37:44 All Day, All Night Long - Unknown 40:03 I Am You - Yung Life 43:41 Frozen Coffin, Floating Soul - Hobo Cubes 46:55 Ice Cream - Cool World 50:55 Bracing - Kevin Greenspon 55:39 Mic Break 57:40 Crux - Guided by Voices 60:04 Finish The Rebel May 06 2012 - Sounds from the Other City - Manchester, UK Kevin Greenspon Apr 04 2012 - RCN Cave - Akron, OH Guided by Voices Jul 13 2012 - Bunbury Music Festival - Cincinnati, OH
This is a sad day for Overnight Sensation... a sad day indeed. Try not to cry too hard when you listen to this one. Don't want to wake up the neighbors!
Many bands are getting their shot at the big time, only on Overnight Sensation-- only on BTR!