Mary Epworth
Not a fan of freezing cold temps? DJ Emily isn't either. So, today she is attempting to Jedi mind trick herself (and you) into feeling the summer sun shine. Listen for tracks to warm you up and a BTR Top 10 remix to end the show.
Brand new releases from Joan As Police Woman and Ruby Boots are in the mix and Ariel Bui is new to rotation on the show.               Ruby Boots               Joan As Police Woman
DJ Emily is playing some of her favorite tracks from 2017 over the next three week here on the Tryst. Enjoy the mix!
Wanna here some of the best female albums from 2017? You're in the right spot! DJ Emily is playing some of her favorite albums featured on the show this year!
This mix features a lot of new music and the first ever back to back artist featured in the artist spotlight. DJ Emily's kinda excited.
Tunes by Jaye Bartell, Cults, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and more!