Marnie Stern
It’s wedding fever on Garbage Garage today, with wedding-themed tracks from Dirty Projectors, Sam Amidon, and Oxford Collapse…
In her work, artist Carmen Tiffany combines experiences from her childhood in rural Wyoming with the aggressively cheerful imagery of children's products, television and advertising. The result are funny, grotesque videos, installations and drawings that feature an array of characters including a rapping macaroni noodle and lisa frank characters with an unquenchable thirst for moonshine.
Well, it's official. We're in the holiday season! And I know, I know, you're already sick of all the holiday music. That's why we've got you covered here at BTR- we're playing the best independent music we can, all day every day! Stay tuned for great songs from Shannon and The Clams, White Fence, and Ty Segall. Plus, don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
Attention BTR listeners, there is a new Alex Bleeker & The Freaks album out, Home Far Away, and I am rejoicing to the the musical powers that be big time. Its lazy, fun guitar tones are just in time for the summer June days that I want to enjoy with as many different members from Real Estate's bands as possible. Also new on the show today are fun tracks from The Mantles and Sonny & The Sunsets. And don't forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and Pinterest to stay up to date on the station!
We're deep into May and warm weather, and we've got the great tunes on the show today to celebrate that. We're playing tracks from Prince Rama and Screaming Females, whom BTR is featuring this week on Live Studio and Get in the Van, respectively. Make sure to check those out, along with BTR on Facebook and Twitter. And stay tuned for new tracks from She & Him, The Child of Lov, and Har Mar Superstar!
The artist Paisley Kang is interested in the messier, baser functions of the human body. According to Paisley, "bleeding, shedding, scabs falling off, ejaculation, sweating ... everything that's a byproduct of human life" are all fair game when it comes to her her artwork. In her new solo show, appropriately titled Baser Functions, Paisley  explores the ways that power relationships, sexual desires and memories reveal themselves through our bodies less than glamourous parts and functions. Along with more traditional oil paintings, Paisley's show also includes installations made from a range of  less than traditional materials. There's a wall piece made from the clothing of an ex-lover, semen displayed in petri-dishes below a painting, and even an installation that incorporates sixty-dozen live leeches. Last week, I met up with Paisley at Associated Gallery in Bushwick where Baser Functions is on view. We talked about her interest in bodily fluids, her painting style, and the relationship between visual art and music.