Marie Queenie Lyons
Wow! This week we have more tracks from the Mr Bongo 25th Birthday compilation, plus we’re featuring the first Budos Band record, for fun, and Jason plays some of his favourites to Gemma, to see what she thinks. Will she like them? You’ll have to wait and find out..
This week, Mr Jason brings you a brand new addition to the cast and crew, in the shape of “Choppy The Long-nose Pliers”. Hehe, erm, well, that can only mean that Jason definitely isn’t running out of great new ideas for the show.. Oh, and also, the show is of course packed fully of jam, of the finest musical varieties, including a brand new Polyrhythmics track that we can’t wait to air. How will it all turn out??? Let’s do a radio and see!
Hey Hey Hey! It’s the old team, back together again! This week, Jason and the good doctor whip up a stew of epic proportions. Mainly of the funk & soul variety, but also with some afrobeat, and other tasty morsels thrown in, for her pleasure.. Intrigued? Let’s Radio And See!