Another awesome one!!! This week’s show features new tunes from Lapalux, Lukid, Mike Gao and a ton more! So turn it up loud and let’s get together. This is the glitch//idm show!
Hell yeah! This week’s show features tracks from Asymptote, Kiyo, Vegpher and always more of that nerd music you love! So let’s get into it, this is glitch//idm!!!
Hey we go again/././ Yeahhhhh, ok so this week’s show we’re dropping some heaviness… But don’t get scared away because we’ll through in enough melodic love tones to keep your inner child in a perpetual coming-of-age state. So turn it the hell up, find a comfortable spot to have your mind blown_ this is the glitch//idm show! -ed-
Getting a little dark this week… I’m really feeling this one, it has a nice flow. So get somewhere comfy, get horizontal, and get into it! ~glitch//idm~
Welcome BAcK!!! This week on our awesome show we are bringing the intensity and the subtlety. We got some new stuff I think you’ll be into, and of course, some of our old favorites… Other than that, we’ll discuss life transitions and your spiritual journeys! ok, let’s do it///// Glitch/DM -ed-
Welcome back! Ok, the show this week has its dark moments, and it’s raving in-your-face moments. So get ready to do some light brain work today, and enjoy the serenity of the rest. Glitch/DM showWwwwwwWWWwww! yes. -ed-