Hey there fashion fans! Welcome to an all new Friday of Sew & Tell on BTR! In honor of this week’s Energy theme on the station, I had the incredible opportunity to speak with the design/production team behind Appalatch, a newly launched brand for sustainable knitwear, and what could possibly be the world’s first solar-powered sweater! Mariano deGuzman and Grace Gouin are friends with a shared passion for classic, durable, sustainably produced knitwear. They launched their Asheville-based brand earlier this year, but have already gained a loyal following through savvy use of social media and Kickstarter, combined with quality knitwear classics that are ethically built to stand the test of time. On today’s show, you’ll hear from Mariano and Grace about how the idea for Appalatch was formed, why the brand’s ideal location is in North Carolina, their recent acquisition of a high-end knitting machine from German manufacturer Stoll, and some developments in the works for 2014 that will raise the Appalatch label to an impressively pure standard of ethical and sustainable production. Plus, a energizing playlist full of thematically-appropriate tracks from artists like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Kurt Vile, Best Coast, Free Energy, and more. So join us this hour for Sew & Tell, and get inspired to spring into the new year with energetic & sustainable fashion, right here on BreakThru Radio!
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It's Milk Week here on BTR & for fashion fans, that can only mean one label: Black Milk! On today's show, I have an interview with Cameron Parker, Marketing & Operations Director for the hot young Australian-based label, who will talk about how he got involved with the company when designer James Lillis was still working out of his kitchen, his strategy to build the brand using social media in lieu of advertising, Black Milk's impressive in-house production infrastructure, and a few of their most popular collections and collaborations. Plus, a subtly milk-themed playlist full of tracks from great indie releases of 2013, including Love Inks, Cold War Kids, Typhoon, Cheyenne Mize, and more. So tune in and do that body good with Sew & Tell on BreakThru Radio!
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October 24, 2013
90 minutes of tunes this Tuesday on BTR!
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My guest this week is film director & cinematographer Andrew Morgan, whose personal passion for storytelling has led him to create a series of beautiful, intimate pieces. His team's latest film is "The True Cost," a exciting documentary that takes an in-depth look at the broken links in today's fashion production system and supply chain. On today's show, we'll hear from Andrew about his start in filmmaking, the moment that triggered his mission to create "The True Cost," and how he and his team have been changed through the process of researching and developing this film. Plus, a full-throttle music mix today featuring new tracks from Johnathan Rice, Saint Rich, Love Inks, Lizzo, MiniBoone, and more! So tune in and join us for an inspirational look at the future of fashion…
Thursday mix. 10/17/13
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Are you excited for BTR's CMJ showcase? We here at the Saturday show definitely are! That's why we're kicking off today's show with a track from one of our all-time faves, Eternal Summers! And make sure to stay tuned to get all of the details. Plus, new tracks from great bands like The Blow, Grizzly Bear, and The Fresh & Onlys.
Gimme Rock Shooooooow! (R-O-C-C-K!) I want Rock Shooooooow! (Um, did I happen to say?)
October 3, 2013.